About Donations

Checks to: Committee to Elect Beth Heile, 5291 Mineral Springs Mountain Ave, Valdese, NC 28690
or Online

Some info about donations to a campaign:

It is unlawful for any business entity to directly or indirectly contribute to a candidate.

Anonymous contributions are prohibited.

Contributions may not be made in the name of another.

For each contribution, a treasurer must collect the following information for reporting purposes: The name and complete mailing address of each contributor; The principal occupation of each contributor; The amount contributed; and The date each contribution was made.

A treasurer is not required to report the name, address, or principal occupation of any individual who contributes $50 or less to the committee during the election on a submitted from, but must keep the information internally.

A candidate committee may not accept cash contributions in excess of $50

Contribution Limits – no individual shall contribute in excess of $5,600 to a candidate committee in any election. If there is a primary and a general election, the candidate may receive $5,600 from a contributor between the beginning of the election cycle and the day of the primary, and another $5,600 from the same contributor beginning the day after the primary through the end of the election year.

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