Goal to STAY

My goal is for Burke County to be a desirable place for people to Live, Work, Play and Stay. However, for me, the STAY is not about tourism (though that is important). For me, the STAY is for families staying and thriving in Burke County generation after generation.

Zakk is still in high school, but when the time comes, I want my grandchildren right here in Burke County! Putting residents first by addressing their needs and wants, we will have the Stay and be a Better Burke.

To get to the Stay, priorities should be more affordable and market rate housing (the Live), more high-end jobs and workforce development (the Work) and taking advantage of our natural resources for incredible quality of life (the Play). Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about schools! I include that under Work, because when you are in school (as a kid or as an adult – that is a job). Supporting BCPS, WPCC and companies implementing apprentice and training programs is critical for a prosperous community. With all the above goals, the top priority is for the board to continue to be good stewards of taxpayer money to keep the county financially stable.

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